End of May and What it Brings

It has been an interesting start to a new chapter for me. Making the decision to become an Executive Virtual Assistant (have to make it sound really good so you want to use me), has presented me with some interesting opportunities. 

The biggest part is getting my website online so that I can start to market myself even more. This brings on a new direction of learning, as there are not too many people in my immediate circle who have the knowledge I need to get things moving. So, I am learning more as I go, which is not a bad thing but it does slow me down a bit.

I have also gained some insight as I have been talking more with my new circle of friends, who one day I hope to have the opportunity to meet in person and share a fireside with along with the many stories we all have. What they have all referenced in one way or another is just do it. Whether it is blogging or getting myself out into the unknown but get out there. For too many years I have been on a particular path involved with transportation and on this path I have learned a lot more skills than I ever expected. I have also gained a lot of knowledge which I have been taking for granted and I have since discovered I can produce different types of materials and get it out there.

Here is what is stopping me… ME! I tend to over commit myself and then before I know it I have not accomplished a darn thing and the day is over. Which for me is really silly as I can do for others but I cannot do for myself. I have set deadlines and I need to make them happen. Chris and I have a plan and that plan depends heavily on me getting certain things accomplished and in motion. 

Here what is funny for us, when we first bought our home in Puyallup, we had a five-year plan. Well, we lived there for twelve-years when we finally sold and bought the RV, which has its own story which one day I will get told. Now we are working on a much shorter term plan and it hinges on me, and believe when I say I am not liking that pressure at all. 

I am thinking that the calendar that I keep for one client is not a bad plan for myself. As I have seen other peoples’ calendars and they literally put everything they plan to do for that day on it in a time frame. For me, this would include my walks with Dozer, as this is a time frame that I cannot book anything else in. It was an interesting thought, as so many of us take time for granted and don’t really realize where our time is used and although not important to some, very important to us. 

My goal is to get a weekly blog going, talking about the things I do in my job. As it is important for others to understand that this lifestyle although liberating, still requires work unless you are retired with a monthly income. From the people I have connected with, side-hustles are still where the retirees like to look at. No one likes to be bored.

Please leave a comment on the post with May has left you with, I look forward to seeing where everyone is.

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