So today I had a smell I could not pinpoint for several hours. It was a flowery smell and was giving me a bit of a headache and was causing my sinuses to start plugging up.

Allergies on high alert this time of year. I suffer from seasonal allergies and not just one season, so I know the symptoms and am prepared for them. However, today I had to track down this smell as it was different from the regular smells.

Backstory: Yesterday I participated in a conversation on one of the RV Facebook groups I participate in,  about coloring one’s hair while living full-time in an RV. How many people did it? Or did they find another option, like the public facilities where they were staying. I piped up with how I do it myself about every four weeks or so and use my RV’s facilities. I find it no different than when we lived in a house, but people tend to think that the materials used in RV’s are different from homes. FYI: the material used in RV’s is the same as your home. You can use the same cleaners you would normally use.

Back to today: After my shower this morning, I decided to give my shower its weekly clean with the shower spray I sometimes use. Sprayed it on and then went about my morning. Needless to say, I forgot about this for several hours.

As I was sitting at the dining table, attempting to do some work, the smell encroached into my breathing space and it took me about another hour to remember what I was doing this morning.

Either it is old age making me forgetful, or it must be Friday. I’m going with ‘IT’S FRIDAY’.

Have a safe weekend.

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