Learning as I Go

In today’s learning, I am working with a new client who was told I am better at this than I claimed I was. So, now I am into power learning on how to get his posts posted the way he needs in a timely fashion.
He also had a question regarding the order in which his posts appeared, which I do believe I can help with.
So now that I have the basic start of a blog, I am back to referring to the real pros to make sure I do this correctly. Who knows this could lead to some direct clients as that is my goal!!.
So now I have learned the art of single space instead of default double space when entering. And I have entered a photo from Google drive (only after remembering to download from online to the computer as this is where I am currently working. So much to learn and then so much to forget and relearn.
Also, I have learned the art of wrapping text around an image (right or left) as if I center it the text will be top and bottom. If you choose no alignment, then the text will appear below the image.

Next is the table, so that it looks nice and not goofy. Formatting is key.


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