I have recently started down a new career path and I must say I am very intrigued by the opportunities that are apparent here. I have become a virtual assistant. It was a logical choice for me as I am always lending a hand when I can to help others without taking compensation for my time.

I started working through a third party company who is getting me lots of exposure and what I have concluded is if I can market myself and get direct clients, I will be better off.

With previous experience of running our own company and then working for others where I did their bidding, I have concluded I am good at what I do. I have a lot of knowledge and abilities that others are looking for. So I am going forth to pursue this path and find direct clients.

If you know of anyone who is in need of some additional help, and it doesn’t matter how little the task is, as I am currently assisting some clients with simple tasks of setting appointments, posting twitter comments, and updating their contact lists in their emails.

There is no job too small and no task I will not tackle head-on. If I am unsure I will say so, but at the same time, I will learn what is needed to complete the multiple things that most do not find the time to do.




2 Replies to “Choices”

    1. Thanks, Dawn,
      I am back at it as I have started with a new client who is having me post on his site with media and tables. So, the next few days will be a challenge as I have to balance my time between him and my other clients… LOVING it!

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