Getting Some Where

I have spent some time today learning more about Word Press as I enjoy writing. What I would enjoy more though is the participation of my readers. What do you want to know more about, what information can I get for you that you don’t have time to find. Or are uncertain of where to go or if the information is validated. Let me do the research for you and I will get you the links to the pages where the information was located. 

This is what I am good at doing, finding out information to help others. I had a boss once who never did much for himself. His theory was that he paid you to work for him and this meant to do what he needed whether or not it helped his business. What I was told to do (not asked if I could but told I needed to complete) was research property in his family and to check on the titles to see whose name was on them. 

You see, in order to get our older generations the care they need we have to learn the laws in the state they live and be in compliance. To make this more clear, in the State of Washington, if you will be applying for state assistance you need to make sure you have nothing of value (home, car, and so forth) in your name for the previous 5-years before you can apply. What this means, is pre-planning is an essential part of getting old.

This is the kind of information that I learn about and share with others. 

Let me know what I can help you with.


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