This week I have been attending a summit for entrepreneurs and what options are out there to help you grow or even start your business. 

I was surprised as to how many of the speakers were people I was already following, but the best thing I received were some of their free gifts. I love the assistance in getting my own mind straight in figuring out my next step.

Here is what I have learned when people signup for a course a lot of them are actually looking for someone to tell them what their next step is. HEY, that is not what the course advertised. They are looking for a guarantee in how much money they are going to make. HEY, did college give you a guarantee!!

Once again I am shocked at what peoples expectations are when they are signing up for training of any sort. Many of the speakers have referred to this same thing as they are asked the question when people go to their webinars. I love learning new things as I know somehow all of my learning will be of value at some time. But I also know that if I want in-depth learning, it will, more than likely, cost me. I found several schools that offered free training, but if you wanted certification then that would cost you, but the actual training is free. LOVE IT!!

But I am off topic again. I have come to the conclusion that I love writing, I just need to work on the next step with it. I also like to help others. An example of this is today one of the people I have connected with was having an issue with what to write about for a magazine. He was struggling with a mind block, overthinking the topic and not reading it as an outsider. He forwarded me the link, I read through the article and then responded with my thoughts on it. What I offered was another perspective to what his previous article could mean to a reader. He thanked me and said that my response gave him a direction to head. I felt really happy as I had made a step forward in a ‘coaching’ concept which is also something that interests me. Helping others to work through the issues that are leaving them conflicted, or just down in general. 

We all need someone in our corner, and I know I am there to help my friends if asked. Some people have come to realize that I bring a different perspective to any conversation. Sometimes useful, sometimes not. But at least they ask.

Looking forward to the remaining days of the summit as we are getting to the area I am very interested in learning more about. I know transcription is something I can do, along with proofreading, and coaching! So now, I need to schedule my time to keep my writing happening and to actually learn to use Word Press to get the most out of it.

Until next time.


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