A Healthier Choice

As each year passes we come up with new concerns as to how to live healthier and happier lives. 
Things change with our families, the kids grow up and go out on their own. Our parents, aunts, and uncles enter into their golden years.
But we all have the same concerns, our health. I have witnessed and personally experienced health issues and this has caused me to take a hard look at how I live.
I am not referring only to being active, but my choice of vitamins, and cleaning supplies. 
I know that was a huge leap from what I take to what I inhale but this is all relevant. The chemicals in processed foods are not that far from some chemicals in the cleaning supplies that we use.
The more I learn about this the more I know I want to search it out. 
Where am I going with this you are asking, well when we chose to become full-time RV’ers our space became small, again. Granted not as small as the cab of a semi-truck but much small than the 1788 square feet we had. This means that when you clean the fumes are more noticeable, and this is not referring to the bathroom… there is a fan for that.
Bleach or aerosols to mask bad bathroom odours (that just linger or follow) these are not healthy. As much as we were raised to know that certain smells mean that mum just cleaned the house, they are not healthy to inhale. 
No don’t get me wrong, I use bleach to clean my kitchen surfaces and wipe down our home after a sickness has been introduced to our environment, but I am still searching for that GO Green alternative.
I have found a company that has two options available, one you can be a customer and bring good quality products to your home, or two you can be a customer and an advocate. I have chosen the second option as I believe in not only trying to better my life but to also help others in improving theirs.
I see all the time of people struggling with not having the little more money at the end of the month, I want to help you. We all need good products in our home. these are delivered to your door. Made fresh at the time of ordering not pre-made and sitting in a warehouse waiting to be shipped to the store for future purchase. 
Being a part of transportation for as many years as I was, I saw the warehouses that were overstocked with dry freight. Even though there is no expiration date on a package, that does not mean it will last a lifetime. Twinkies just scare me to death!!

 If anything that you have read interests you, please check out this link and contact me for more information.
I want to help educate people about a healthier choice and to fill homes with alternatives to chemicals.

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