There is so much to write about that I really do not know where to start… Between my personal life and my professional life, I am torn as I do not like to share too much about either but with what has been happening in both.. I feel I have lots to share with others that might be very beneficial.

So today I have been monitoring my work email, as I am waiting to hear back from a friend about something I am looking in to (I know very vague of me), when I came upon an email chain that I feel I thought was already handled…

Though I know there are very few people that may even understand what I am about to ramble about but by the end, you may get the gist of it.

When a load crosses the border (and for this example, I am referring to loads crossing into Canada), the CBSA (Canadian Border Service Agency) has the right to look at any part of the load. This means anything from a simple paper inspection to a full ‘DESTUFF’ notice (where it has to go to a third party bonded inspection facility this is CBSA approved). 
When it is a meat-specific load then CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) has to give their ‘OK’ for the load to enter without an inspection. 
Either way, these are both very easy things to learn, at least I thought these were easy things to prove. 

This past week though I have had the opportunity to have been proven wrong as the mode of transportation that was used to bring this load into Canada was the rail. And although I sent them the proof that the CFIA did not want to inspect this load, I have been unsuccessful at getting this container released for delivery.

As this is usually someone else’s responsibility I waited until the last possible day to approach this with the rail, as this is usually a fairly simple process… but this past week I was proven wrong, this is not a simple process. On Thursday I had received an email from the rail group that said this load had been cleared and we could deliver. So Friday, I checked their site and saw that it was still not showing the load as cleared. So I replied with that same email, that I needed the rail to release the load otherwise there was going to be an issue with their guard and my carrier. The response I received from the rail group (the same rail group that told me the load was released the previous day), this load was on a CBSA HOLD…

Needless to say I spent the rest of the day going back and forth with not only the rail group but also the customer and the account rep and many other people at corporate that I thought it necessary to inform of the battle that should never have gone on for as long as it had.. and it is still going on today.

So first thing Monday morning, I will be reaching out to some of the people I know at the rail to help me get this unit released and how to prevent this from happening in with future loads…

One of the many things I deal with as I know what needs to be done even though it is someone else’s responsibility to do… Time for change…

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