2016-05-04 Wednesday

This week has proven very interesting as I am traveling for work in Alberta and I have left Chris to start getting everything ready for sale, including the showing of the house to two potential buyers.
One of the buyers has been asking us for the past 3-years when are we going to sell her, her home. She has been a wonderful neighbor until she moved out earlier in the year.
Marylu has been living up the street from us until recently and when she came to look at the house we learned a little more about her and her business.
She is a real estate agent and helps Mexican families get into homes that they would not normally be able to get into.
She holds the contracts on the homes and they pay her back with a contractual agreement.
About a week before we made our decision to sell, a home on the street before us went up in flames, turns out this was one of her homes. What we learned was the tenants had only been there about 7-months and about 3-months ago they cancelled their homeowners insurance… major reason we did not want to hold a contract on our home… As the homeowner, Marylu is responsible for the clean up and the removal of the home, the buyers got away scott free… bad scenario but this also caused Marylu to redo her contacts and make all tenants use one specific insurance company for her protection.
As we are traveling to Calgary, I am enjoying the trip as it will be a while before I will be back, the new job takes me away from what I have been doing for the past two years and I work at learning more new things in transportation, and traveling will be different.
I am very excited and of course there is some concerns as this is a drastic change for both of us. 
We will try and document not only our trip but what we are doing up there as are looking very forward to getting back to Alaska.

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