2016-05-01 Sunday

We have come to a cross road in our life… the decision to make such a drastic change in our lives did not come easy to either of us. 
So as you may or may not already know we are currently downsizing our living arrangements by selling everything that we don’t want; packing what little things we do and moving out.
We’ve been living in our home for the past 14 years and as we look back over those years the decision comes much easier for us. 
We had a Five-Year Plan which turned into 14 years and throughout those 14 years we have done a lot.
Chris and I have been married almost 17 years and although we have had our ups and downs our ups have far surpass our downs.
The past few months we have done some major changes in our lives and here we start May with some more major changes. 
We’ve decided to leave Washington State and move to Alaska. I’ve been given an incredible opportunity and have struggled over the past week as I do enjoy very much where I currently work and more so the people I work with. 
Over the past two years we have built a working relationship and wonderful friendships, unfortunately though this is not enough as it does not pay the bills. Working for a Fortune 500 company has it draw backs as not everyone there wants appreciates that experience is often learned through life’s lessons and not in a classroom.
Lucky for me though, there are still companies out there that appreciate what a person brings to the table in regards to real life and not book work alone.

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