2015 January

With the new year, comes more changes to what had been a regular routine in life.

Last I started a great new job with a fortune 500 company.
A spot was created that was designed for someone like me with my knowledge of cross border paperwork. A job that requires someone to be organized and that can multi-task.
What I have learned about this term in the past 3-years makes me a pro at being able to challenge anyone who thinks they multi-task at their job.
People do not know what true multi-taking is until they have tried to do the jobs that I do. This is not bragging this is simply fact.

My current position, I believe has the potential to become so much more as 
the Canadian market expands and I want to be a part of that expansion.

Watch here to see how 2015 develops for us as we move forward through the year.

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