Truckers vs The Government

I am beyond the scope of my vocabulary in trying to express my true opinions and the stupidity that controls our industry.
If these ‘Politicians’ would get out from behind their desks and actually get out in a truck and travel the roads alongside the driver’s MAYBE just MAYBE they would get a better understanding of what our industry really needs.


When I first started driving, 14-years ago the rules hadn’t begun the extreme downward spiral yet. It wasn’t till we came back out on the road in 2004 that things started getting ‘STUPID‘ out of Washington.

I find the regulations to be borderline discriminatory against truck drivers, I don’t hear the medical fields being attacked with restrictive work hours. 
Doctors also have peoples lives in their hands while performing surgeries. They work double shifts and then get behind wheel of their car and drive home. They are not thinking about paying attention, most of them are replaying the last surgery they performed or thinking about the next day and the going over the surgery that they will perform in a few hours.
Lawyers put in massive hours when they are working on court cases, but then are allowed to get behind the wheel of their cars and drive home, putting everyone else who is on the roadways with at risk. They are not only tired but also driving distracted as their mind is on their court case, whatever presentation has to be made the following day in court. Their mind is not on the task at hand – driving the car!
But truck drivers are being penalized for doing their job. As a driver I know when I am tired and when I am good to go. Unfortunately though the government has taken it upon themselves to TELL me when I am tired and that I need to shut down for 10-hours. BUT I can only be on duty for 14-hours consecutively then I NEED to shut down again. Oh and during that 14-hours I have to take a mandatory 30-minute of duty break.  

When did it become the government’s job to dictate to ANY citizen when they need to sleep and how many hours they get to complete their job in. 

Its not like we don’t have any other issues or concerns that the government should spend more time addressing and leave what wasn’t broke in the first place alone. Put the truck driver’s back to the way things were and monitor your passenger carrying carriers better. Oh, but oh yea they get to follow the old rules even though they get shut down more often with mechanical issues and cause more accidents due to fatigue.

Really makes me wonder how the government even manages to get to work on time with out specific instructions on how to do it…

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