Mom’s Day

Apparently I am WAY behind on my picture uploads and my blog to go along with the pictures. I am so very sorry. I found this out as I was uploading my pictures from today, so I am back tracking a little.
In August we came up for a visit and I saw family and friends and have a few pictures to share.

Kids really are too cute for words a lot of the time and these two are no exception, Niki you have done a wonderful job with all your children.

I had so much fun watching these two for many hours while they not only entertained themselves but us as well.

Oh, and Mom your deck looks great too.

After a long visit Niki had to leave as the rest of the family had put demands on her schedule and I proceeded upstairs as the family was arriving. 
As we were enjoying the upper deck and the lovely weather, Dozer had to get in on getting comfy.

Looks like Dad is the person that Dozer has chosen to lie behind.

It really is a dog’s world.

We had a good time as the family arrived in spurts and everyone enjoyed themselves. As the night came to an end the camera was put down and I missed recording the rest of the evening.
On our way home the following day, which was screwed up as the border line was ridiculous and unexpected. But we found some entertainment just the same. Unfortunately though I was in a bad spot to get any photos but here is the one we got. Apparently all the lanes were stopped while the Border Patrol surrounded a pick Up and took both occupants out in handcuffs.

What an end to a good visit.

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