As fall shows us a nice sunny side that we don’t usually see this time of year. We are in the middle of a dry spell and this weekend’s trip to Belfair shows just how much we are in need of some rain.

This is the start of the trails here at Belfair. There really isn’t a lot of Jeep trails but as we have ridden them before on our quads we do kind of know them.

As we started out we ran with a group that ride here quite often as you can see we saw a lot of dust everywhere we went here. You put your foot on the ground and dust billows around your shoes. HATE the dust.

We hung out for a little while with this group then we went out on our own for a bit and then headed back home

We have now tried Evan’s Creek, which I have updated the link to the other pictures so you can see more of what we did that day, and Belfair. Evan’s has some challenging areas but not a lot of trails. Belfair not challenging and few trails.

Looking for an area that is not only challenging but also offers lots of trails.

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