Interesting is as It Is

Everyday offers new and exciting opportunities and this past weekend was just that. It is nice when things start to flow and you have the opportunity to expand on the things you normally do.
I know, how very cryptic of me. 
We made a new purchase and have entered it to the world of 4×4 Jeeps, not the regular style Jeeps that you may be thinking of but the Cherokee Sport style of Jeep.
It is a different way to travel through the trees and over the rocks that we were unable to do on our quads. This definitely opens up our traveling experience through out Washington.
We are meeting up with a different crowd of thrill seekers and turning heads in our new ride. Chris has plans to improve the look of his new toy as the months ahead allow him the opportunity to be creative with his new rig.
I do have some concerns though, Dozer was not settling down very well as we started up one of the trails and I’m not sure if it was because he wasn’t feeling well or if it was because of the angle of the Jeep. So to settle him down I would get out and walk with him so he could do what ever it was he needed to do. It was a great day as you can see in the pictures.

Stay tune as this looks to be an exciting time had by many and I plan to photograph our weekend adventures and share with the rest of you.  

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