Trying Something New

Well as most of you know we are no longer traveling the country, seeing the sights. We have chosen to be like most of you and enjoy our home and home cooking. 
After being on the road for so many years, it is nice to be home all the time. Getting a shower every night and home cooked meals. Not eating in restaurants every day definitely is easier on the pocket book as well as healthier for both of us.
Now comes the almighty question of ‘What to do now’. I have run into the problem of being over qualified and employers are concerned with me growing bored quickly and leaving to find something more challenging. No matter how much I explain that isn’t what I am looking for, they apologize and we both move on.
So I guess it is time to challenge myself and start something new.
Never knew it would be this difficult to not only get motivated but to settle on something I am interested in and to do it.
I have gotten very use to not having to wear nylons and dress clothes, like I had to while working in the casino. I did enjoy working as a Quality Assurance Inspector for BC Growers, but they have since closed their doors. I have gained a lot of knowledge as to setting up a small trucking business and how to make it profitable for you. So I am thinking that I will write a little about that. Organizing my thoughts and getting the steps written in order of how things happen. 
We came across a lot of false information out there and a lot of people making inaccurate comments misleading people to believe there is a quick way to do the paperwork. This is not the reality of it. 
With this thought I will continue blogging and if I change sites that I post to I will let you know. Hopefully the information I can provide will help others stay on the right track and keep their profits in their own pockets.
Follow along and please feel free to comment so I know the information is coming across clearly for every one; I tend to ramble sometimes.

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