Day to Day

There comes a time when you have to take a step back and view your surroundings from afar. Try and get an outside perspective of your personal presentation to see how others see you. I find I have an opportunity to do just this.

Since we have made some changes in our life, this is what I have noticed. People do not take the time to care how others see them, only that they are seen. 

So I wonder is there a way to get people to do this? To look in from the outside, to see how they are seen by others. From what I have witnessed this is not possible.

We were taught as children to treat others as you wish to be treated. 
Problem with this is there are a lot of people who were not taught this and  who think they are better than everyone else and do not need to treat anyone with respect BUT you will show them respect.

For all of you who think this is true, think again. Respect is earned by EVERYONE. 

You do not demand that people give you respect, you earn someone’s respect. 
I will give you respect, as this is what I wish to receive back from you. Don’t take me for granted though as I will stop respecting you just as quickly.

I took the time to look at the kind of person I am and I find that I am a hard worker, I give all I have to give as the job I do reflex back on me and me alone. Though sometimes I feel that this work ethic of mine is taken for granted and the harder I work; the more people expect from me without appreciating the work done.

So I have failed at earning the respect that normally would come from this type of work ethic and I don’t know why. It has me very frustrated and not eager to continue.

It has been said that it is best to lead by example and I truly believe this as I have worked for people with this philosophy and it taught me to be the kind of person I am today. I try to lead by example and not by a dictatorship; I find the latter to be less productive.

Share the work and help others along the way and you’ll be the better person. Don’t let others bring you down and find a way to let the frustration go. 
Hence the reason I reason I blog.

Have a great day and thanks for being here for me.


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