Bird Feeder

As I am sure most of you know by now Chris and I are off the road and trying to settle down in to a ‘normal’ routine. HAHA Who has a ‘normal’ routine regardless of the life you live.
We hadn’t really told everyone as it wasn’t an easy decision to come to. After having a few months off over the winter and seeing how the laws and rules were getting changed, again, we made the change.
We are enjoying the home every night and the home cooked meals, as well as the shower at our leisure. All things that are not as easy on the road. 
I still get calls from our brokers wanting us to haul for them as we have a great reputation with them. Needless to say though this is a better choice. 
I am still working on getting the equipment sold, not an easy task it has turned out to be. Though I am keeping a positive perspective that it will happen before the summer ends… (Smiling as I write this).
However I digress, this blog is to show the Bird Feeder that Kimberly made for her Dad a few years ago. It has taken me some time as she never finished the feeder as far as getting it ready for the elements outside.
This past week I finished it off, found it a place to hang, and got loaded with food. 
Here is what I have now, just an hour after hanging it up.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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