Sunday December 18, 2011

We found something fun to do today and I must say I was surprised at the number of people that were there for the morning ride.
The pictures were few as there were too many trees and hard to see through them. Both Chris and Amanda did get a few pictures though. There is a small steam train that runs from Elbe, WA along a lake and back. During December they do a Santa ride where Santa is on the train and the kids have an opportunity to get their picture with Santa. Photos are done by the parents and therefore no extra cost.
They provide hot chocolate and cookies in the cars and also have a concession car where they sell other things.
In the summer they offer a Bar-B-Que train where you get a chance to enjoy a Bar-B Que half way through the ride and you disembark for this.

During the floods a beaver dam had been partially destroyed and Chris was able to get a picture of it.

As you can see the weather was overcast and on the edge of rain. While we waited in line though the rain head off.

Amanda took a few more pictures of the area we traveled through.

We are looking forward to trying the trip again in the summer, when the weather is nicer and they use the open deck cars.

We are hoping for some rough weather so we can head to the coast for some good storm weather photos, or head to the hills for snow.
Anything can still happen.

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