Last Trip of 2011

This is the last trip of 2011 for us. The next trip out will start the 2012 season and we are looking forward to a better year as far as the truck NOT being in the shop every trip home.

We took a load from Chehalis, WA to Taylorville, IL. Wasn’t to bad but it was a short trip as far as where it went. 
We tend to like to go a little farther then head back home, but as the previous trips were hard we decided to make this one a quicker trip. 
One thing that I still cannot get use to is the areas that some of these warehouses are located in. Small towns where you are driving through the main street which is narrower than main street in Cloverdale, with cars parked along the sides. I stress that I have missed a turn or punched in the wrong address or SOMETHING. But we manage to get to the right address and there are trucks there when we arrive and another load is done. 

Before we got loaded on the Friday I managed to book our return load home so things weren’t looking too bad, it was just a concern as the month hadn’t really been a positive for the loads coming off and on the truck in a timely fashion.
When we got to Taylorville we had a 4am unload and it took them far too long to get us unloaded. Efficiency isn’t a strong suit for most grocery warehouses it seems. With the off loads being third party l
umper services that don’t really care the truckers are getting royally screwed at both ends of the trip. We had to pay to get the load put on the truck in Chehalis. (Believe me if we could do it ourselves we would, but not all brokers will pay the drivers to do this.) 
So we got out of there and the straig;45am thtest direction to the next stop was on secondary highways… Not the fastest was but the cheapest as we were heading up towards Chicago and there are nothing but toll roads that we were staying off, along with a lot of other trucks.
We get to Aurora, IL and we have a 3pm appointment not too bad we think as I called ahead and they said to go ahead and check in early and we may get to the dock but otherwise it was a 3pm. No big deal as we stopped to eat and then with the slower roads we got there roughly 2pm. 
However, when Chris checked in we were then told the appointment was 3:15pm and to check in at 3pm to get a door. So already this isn’t sounding good, and it didn’t get any better. We were put to a door eventually and we sat waiting to get loaded till just before 6pm when we got our paperwork and got back on the road.
When I called in I indicated that standby time should be worked out as this is not acceptable. So a note was made for the broker as they were already gone for the day. Go figure!!!
We hit the road and head home. The weather was cold but nothing that hindered our travels. It was cold but not as cold as when we came across at the start and there was no real snow or rain in our forecast. 
Our unload was set for 1:45pm Friday and we got that changed to 10am Friday morning, a little better as we are at home and who wants to sit around all day waiting for the appointment, right?
As we came across the hill (this would be Snoqualmie Pass) Thursday we were early enough that MAYBE they will unload us early…
So I make the call and although we had the option of going over there and MAYBE getting worked in, there was no guarantee that we would get unloaded so I thanked her and said we would see them in the morning.
Friday we got up and headed over to get unloaded and we were talking about the other things that we would do to finis out the day as we were unloading basically where we park. We get checked in about 8am, traffic was little than expected, and we were told to park along the fence and check in at 9:45am to get assigned a door.
So we park and we wait, the warehouse rules are no pets are loud inside the gated area unless in the truck, so I let Dozer out before we go in thinking we’ll be there a few hours and then back to our day.
Now I know you have already figured it out. It wasn’t a few hours at all. Chris went in about 8:30am and got assigned a door, we were backed in by 9:20am as nothing happens  at a quick speed anywhere in this industry.
So now we wait… And wait we did. Chris went in several times over the next few hours, yeas I said hours, to check on the lack of progress. We would feel them bounce on us a few times then nothing and this went on all morning and into the afternoon. It took them till 2:45pm to get us off loaded and released. Once again I contact the company and inquired about standby time and once again I am told that I would have to wait as the upper bosses were not in the office. 
Needless to say when I filled out my invoice I put my standby charge on it with a note referencing the broker that they need to talk with. My job is to bill, I billed.
So we’ll see what happens now.

As for pictures, sorry there really wasn’t anything but a white sky and white ground. Didn’t make for a good picture in my eye. Coming home though we did get blue sky and the trees were covered in snow so I did get a few pictures. Plus we did see on jack-knifed truck, though we are not sure why or how he did it.

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