Next Stop….

OK, we are on the road again. Or at least we are heading somewhere because we think we have a load in the morning.
I hate when brokers and shippers and buyers cannot get their stuff together. I started this morning at 9 am with the broker. The load started out as two picks, possibly both in Yakima, or maybe one in Yakima and one in Prosser. 
OK, we can work with this as it was one drop in Greencastle, PA. 
Seems we go to Pennsylvania a lot but it is a nice area we are going to.
As the morning progresses I contact the broker looking for the confirmation sheet, as I like to get the fuel stops planned before we leave so we have some knowledge of the route we are taking, plus we had made plans to visit with the folks and dear friends for a few hours and I like things to continue in a smooth fashion.
Yeah… that was the plan.
As we are heading North I get a call from the broker… Now we have the two picks, one in Yakima and one in Prosser, but we also have two drops now. The Greencastle one and the second roughly 220 miles South, near Richmond, VA.
Now the negotiation from this morning has to be re evaluated as we have a second drop, and another day into the trip.
So  much for a smooth trip, oh and by the way as we start out on the Great Adventure, I still do not have my confirmation sheet as the customer with the information chose today to change their operating system and upgrade the programs that has all the information in it  regarding our loads.
Better not mess with me in the morning is all I can say at this point tonight. 

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