What happened…

Every trip out we take loads from different places and head to places we may or may not have been before
One thing that I can count on though is the things we see. Sometimes really interesting things.
Once again we are headed East from Washington and so we are traveling I-90. I was having problems with my Data Card this trip, which is always an issue if we are in a roaming area for service and the card needs to update any information. Eventually though, I did get good enough service to get back online.
We stopped in Rapid City, SD and saw on the Weather Channel that Deadwood, SD was under a tornado warning. 
Now Rapid City is East of Deadwood and the storm system was moving in a south westerly direction, for me that meant it was behind us and staying there.
So after eating we get back out on the I-90 heading East, away from the storm. I go online to check out the weather ahead of us and the information is not really indicating too much damaging weather, just a few thunderstorms are possible.
So we aren’t too concerned until we start seeing this:

Yes this is a fifth-wheel on its side. Something definitely strange. Nothing else around it. The road showed some sign that it had recently rained though.
As we kept going, we came across a truck and trailer with the trailer broke in the middle, (sorry no photo of that one because I really wasn’t expecting it). 
Now we are watching things a whole lot closer. 

We came upon this truck, also in the median and on its side. As you can see in the picture the sky is darker to the East but nothing special. We have been learning the types of clouds to watch for and the sky was just dark.
Apparently though no one was safe from what ever was ahead of us, because this was next.

These guys were trying to ‘move away’ from the area. I know not funny, for most anyway.

Even this open air cattle trailer fell victim to what lay in front of us. Though we still cannot see what it is that is causing all this destruction. 

I tried to get this one closer to try and show the barn doors aren’t right and the silo is damaged on the back and to the right in the picture. The damage is growing and is all over. Another shot I missed was of a home without its roof and all the neighbors gathering to lend a hand. The other thing is all the damage was on the North side of the interstate.

This family had their vacation cut short when they hit the median.
I have one more to up load to finish off the damage I am sharing though I will post more in Picasa for you to see.
If you have ever seen the rolled up hay bales in the fields, this one is interesting.

You can actually follow the trail the bale made as it was rolled through the field.
The only thing we can think of is a VERY strong wind.
Link to more pics: 


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