Another Day In Our Life

Well, as I have been trying harder to write in my blog, I have set it up to include emails from my phone. 
So today is the first attempt, as so many states we roam in so I’ll have to use the computer.
There is hope for me yet, though, as far learning new things. This time it’s learning how to keep everyone connected with my blog. No more emails I’m sorry to say, but I will try and get everyone following me here.
It is my understanding that as a follower, you should receive an email whenever I post. Though this hasn’t yet been confirmed by anyone… 
What is new? We got down poured on Friday night. Worse than we have seen in a long time. It rained so hard, the drain in the front of the truck filled and poured into truck at a fast faucet turned on type of water flow. As for the waterfall effect that was being displayed on the windshield, there was a lot of water to deal with. As well as wet clothes and floor mats and towels.
Becoming a regular occurrence for us and rain storms in the mid-west.
We loaded today out of Jim Bean, though no samples were given, and we are headed to Tacoma for Friday. The product is destined for BC Liquor Distribution in Richmond.
Hope everyone is well.
Till next time,

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