Orange Ball in the Sky

We were up at the crack of dawn, east coast time, and saw the flaming orange ball in the sky. 
We went and unloaded. While we were there a major thunderstorm hit the area for about an hour then moved on. 
The mugginess came back and even got worse. 
We went back to the truck stop and tried to find a load out of town. What we found were lots of loads heading north east. Not a direction we wanted to head so we went in to grab some lunch and let some loads develop.
Well the thunder storm this morning had left it’s mark behind. Apparently the well filtration system took a lightning strike and the whole area was being shut down while repairs were done.
No ETA on when the work would be completed, but we were able to get some food before they shut down. Always a good thing, hard to work on an empty stomach.
After lunch, we headed back to the computer and after several calls and brokers coming up short we found a load home. 
Unfortunately….doesn’t load till Monday. So we headed down to a different truck stop closer to where we were going to load first thing Monday morning.
At first, no big deal, but then the big storm hit while we were walking back to the truck. So within a quick few steps we were soaked, the thunder was rolling and the sky was lightning streaked and we parked at the far end of the lot.
So we were both soaked through and the leak in from the lack of drainage under the windshield was in full flow.
All the mats are once again soaked and this time we added all our clothes. No need to use our shower credit now. HAHAHAHA
But now to end the day the same way I started it, watching a large orange ball in the sky going down.

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