Time to Continue

It has come time to continue with the freedom of speech that allows me to say what I want when I want.
I have been experimenting with a standard type of group email to family and friends that I have received some very positive responses from and encouragement to pursue this avenue.
I am hope to get more followers and eventually to figure out the true blog experience.
I will be adding other sites that I choose to follow as it is of interest to me. I will try to always include some pictures as this is what started me in this direction originally.
For years I have taken pictures, as most people do, though I have challenged myself by taking pictures from a moving vehicle. This always is a challenge as there is always moving items that get in the way of the picture but also allow proof that I was moving while attempting this shot.
Other pictures that I love to take and feel really good about in the long run are the pictures of us shooting the guns and getting the discharged cartridge in the picture or the smoke at the end of the gun after the bullet has left the barrel.
These are the photos that I always get the most interesting comments about as then every picture from that day are searched for the casings, not always seen though.
Please follow along and enjoy what is posted and feel free to add your comments to what you see.
I hope you enjoy reading and seeing the pictures as much I am anticipating to enjoy doing this. 
I will try to blog weekly while we are traveling, but sometimes this isn’t possible as I have to do my job at getting us loaded and all the other office work that comes along with the job. By night fall I am usually tired of sitting looking at the computer screen and it get too dark to see what I am actually typing. I am hoping though to get better at it.

So I will start by showing some pictures that were taken on May 14, 2011. Chris and I took Amanda, Sabryna and Kelli up to our favorite spot to shot in Capital Forest. Needless to say Dozer also comes on these trips and he was extra terrible this time. Barking at every shot, jumping at the girls while they were shooting, and being a general pain. Over all though, it did go well.

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