Transportation and the Government

It really is amazing how a politician thinks they know what’s best for a truck driver.
Accidents that include semi-trucks usually are started from a 4-wheeler doing something stupid. Like texting, or just being on their phone. I have witnessed many situations where the auto driver is not paying attention to driving their vehicle and they cause other drivers to have to make snap decisions to prevent the accident.
Yet, Hours-of-Service are once again being screwed with.

Are sale people controlled by any special driving rules? Are doctors and nurses who work high stress jobs and work double shifts controlled when they are allowed to drive.
No. No one seems to care about them driving while fatigue. But a truck driver is not only scrutinized by every governmental agency that thinks they can interfere and dictate new rules but we are also blamed for any accident that occurs. We are the ones immediately ticketed and if it is a serious accident, we have to piss in a cup to prove our innocence. 

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